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Zerochan Anime Searcher UWP

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Zerochan Searcher 是一个基于动漫图片网站 的第三方应用。由 KuluColo 计划组制作支持。建议使用桌面端。图片的版权归原作者和 所有。

Zerochan Searcher is a third-party UWP application for searching, downloading anime picture based on It supports multiple download modes once right-clicking on the picture listview. We recommend you to use Zerochan Searcher in Desktop Client. Images are copyrighted by the original author and owned by

Update: 已于 2018 年失效,Zerochan 网站增加了图片链接获取限制 / The application expired in 2018 due to website limitation. Please use the browser to reach the original website

  • 5/27/2017 版本更新 加入“最爱”书签(测试)功能
  • 5/27/2017 Version Update Add the Favorite Beta features.

  • 5/10/2017 版本更新 日常小更新,优化界面,解决一个小bug
  • 5/10/2017 Version Update Fixed one bug; Tweaked the interface.

  • 5/4/2017 版本更新 增加滑动、拖动等针对平板触摸设备的优化
  • 5/4/2017 Version Update Increase the swipe and drag gesture for Tablet users.

  • Support view, search and download functions./支持查看搜索和下载的基本功能
  • Open multiple download mode when right click on the picture list./在图片列表中右击可开启多选下载模式
  • One daily word by Yiyan API./调用一言API
  • Increase the search correction/提高搜索栏的自动检索和转换(目前仅支持罗马音)
  • Support fullscreen viewer mode./支持全屏查看
  • Add tags on each picture./增加每张图地标签
  • Fix for the mobile client. (still, need to optimized)/适配于moblie手机端 (仍然需要改进)
  • Auto set wallpaper. /设置自动壁纸

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