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2017/10/09 Share

Made a short javascript code that allows the user to unblock Flickr download limitation directly by linking to the biggest image source. Drag to bookmark in your browser for use.
制作了一个简短的 Script,可以按照提示点击来获取最大的图片,能用来绕过Flickr图片限制,建议拖动到书签在对应页面点击使用。

Instruction / 使用方法

<-Drag the js code into bookmark and ready to use

  • If drag does not work, make a blank bookmark and manually add this js code into url option.
  • Log into Flickr website. And click the bookmark when the image shown in the single page site (eg.*****/, demo)
  • Follow the instruction. Select the size and click again to get the source.
  • Notice: Firefox Nightly may can not use this method.


  • 如果无法拖动,就新建一个空白书签,手动复制代码到url.
  • 登录Flickr, 在Flickr的对应单图页面点击书签中的 Unblock Flickr Downloader (比如*****/, demo)
  • 按照提示点击多次, 选择图片尺寸,再次点击得到source。
  • 在火狐nightly上可能无法使用。


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