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Elecom DUX70BK, a mouse for MMORPG players

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开箱 / Openbox

(伪)开箱一个买了近2年的Elecom DUX70BK.Elecom 是个日本的品牌,之前去东京玩的时候买了个硅胶的鼠标垫,非常舒服。对于这个鼠标,看中酷炫的外观,外加些较帅气的功能,比如鼠标可以同时在两台电脑上控制,还有多达数都数不清(19 个按键及 2 个独立的滑轮)个的功能键,手残党表示很有压力。上图一起来欣赏下这个专为 MMORPG 诞生的神器!

I am opening a “2-year-old” box with my Elecom DUX70BK. This is a Japanese brand. I had already purchased a very nice soft touched mouse pad. But this mouse has some very cool features. It holds both USB cable and wireless rf adapter which it can control two computers at the same time with one switch key. There also are 19 press keys and 2 scroll keys on such little mouse because this mouse is for players of MMORPG.

驱动 / Driver

当然这么帅气的鼠标没有驱动可玩不来,官方也贴心的配了驱动的详细文档, 可惜只有 windows 版的,日企还需努力啊,记得 Sony Media Go 也没有 mac 版的(现在好像死了,变成了 Sony music center,这是后话)。

The official driver pdf is on the website however it only comes with the Windows version. There is also a guideline) for how to tweak this mouse.

感受 / Conculsion

按键还是比较软,质感差了点,我也不是 MMORPG 的中毒玩家,高达 5000 dpi 好像对我这个没有 4k 的选手并没有啥用,两台电脑切换倒还是不错,做工也可圈可点。总之适合小众外观党尝尝鲜,嘿嘿

The keys overall are very normal. They do not have premium feelings. I am also not an MMORPG fan which is useless for me having a mouse with 5000 dpi without 4k monitor at the current time. The feature of switching between two computers is convenient and the mouse is well made.

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