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Upgraded My Wireless Adapter for 720s 13ARR with Intel 9260

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2018/08/21 Share

新学期, 新一轮剁手即将袭来!好有负罪感啊。给笔记本购入了新的网卡, intel 9260, 无 vPro 版本。

I have upgraded my wireless adapter for 720s 13ARR with Intel 9260 none vPro version and throw out the Realtek 8821ce in this new semester.

手上的720s出场自带螃蟹的 Realtek 8821ce, 非常不友好, 然后一到手就换了 Thinkpad yoga 14 上的 intel 8260, 导致 Thinkpad 每隔一段时间就断网, 不管 Windows 还是 Linux, Linux 下还得手动编译驱动, 麻烦折腾。ebay 上无意搜搜更新一点的网卡, 9260 还不错, 支持 Bluetooth 5 还有 Gigabit(1.73Gbps) wifi, 不过要在 160MHz 的条件下, 3 天的运输时间, 就弄了装在了720s上, 小黑取回了之前的 8260。

Since the Lenovo 720s 13ARR paired Realtek 8821ce from the factory, which is a very unfriendly and unstable wireless adapter for Linux environment. You may need to manually compile the driver each time you install or upgrade your system, although this is much better in Windows. I had installed Intel 8260 from my Thinkpad Yoga 14 to 720s, but that made my Thinkpad almost unusable.

Thus, I purchased Intel 9260 on eBay with only 20 bucks. It supports Bluetooth 5 and Gigabit(1.73Gbps) speed of wifi under 160MHz. This adapter works perfectly on my 720s 13ARR within 3 days’ shipping, and now I cam move Intel 8260 back to my Thinkpad.

值得注意的地方 / Notice

除了 9260, 其实还有一个 9560。一波搜索发现, 两个比较相似, 区别就是 9260 有 A keying 和 E keying, 所以有些电脑没法用, 9560 则只有 E keying, 至于vPro, 我大概看了下好像并没有啥用处, 还贵了一半的钱, 果断不要。

现在家里网好像不是特别快, 也没有感受过满速的样子, 不过刚刚装上感觉还是不错的, 蓝牙使用也没有问题。

There are two laptop wireless adapters I have found in the Intel 9 series. they are Intel 9260 and Intel 9560. One of the differences is Intel 9260 holds A Keying and E Keying, while the Intel 9560 only holds E Keying, which made it doesn’t compatible with some old machines.

For me, I purchased with none vPro version. The vPro version doubles the price and it seems useless in my daily usage.

吐槽 / Others

Windows 升级到了 1803 之后, 我的索尼左右声道配对后就无法播放了, 在 Windows 桌面下清一色全部嗝屁, Mac 和 Linux 还有手机都没有这个左右声道问题。

My Sony SRS-X1 can not pair into stereo sound with two speakers under Windows 1803 and I had no idea why…


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