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Dell Latitude 7390 Hackintosh Mojave

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2018/11/21 Share

Just want to share some achievements in Dell Latitude 7390 Hackintosh. I did not find anyone sharing with this specs. And here is what I have done to install MacOS Mojave 10.14 for now.


  • i7-8650U vPro
  • 16GB DDR4 Single Channel
  • Intel UHD 620 unkown ram
  • FHD touchscreen
  • 1T NVME PCIE Toshiba SSD


  1. Download the store version of dmg image file in MacOS, using Unibeast write into the 8+ gb usb flash driver. This step could also be done by using TransMac in PC.
  2. Made an empty space in driver for the new MacOS installation. Formating into FAT or exFAT would be easier later for recogizing and formating again into APFS or HFS+ partition.
  3. Bios configurations disable: [1]
    • VT-D
    • CFG-Lock
    • Secure Boot
    • Io Serial Port
    • USB 3.0 (not sure)
    • XHCI - hand off
  4. Keeping booting from EFI in the usb driver when installing the Mac when several restart needed.
  5. Entering into the system by using Clover Configurator, mounting both EFI in PC and EFI in USB. Copy to the whole Clover folder USB EFI into system EFI
  6. Tweaking the Clover file again and again …, could be done by using Multibeast or downloading from Internet, like markwithtech and tonymacx86, sepecially from RehabMan. Some Kext tools you could use are: Kext Wizard, KextBeast and [Kext Utility
  7. (Repeat 6)

My Clover and S(ystem)/L(ibrary)/E(xtensions)



  • UHD 620 flawlessly with screen brightlight adjustment(Fn + S and Fn + B)
  • Keyboard
  • Audio / speaker
  • Camera can be used for facetime
  • Ethernet port
  • AC and battery
  • Sleep (but no lip action)
  • 2 USB ports
  • Touch Screen

Not work

  • Touch pad
  • Wifi - intel 9265 / 8265
  • Bluetooth in the wireless card is shown usable but can not find devices and can not close
  • HDMI and Type c docking (will reboot when pluging)
  • Feel very hot some tims, but overall looks good
  • (still not sure)


  1. 1. Specs
  2. 2. Steps
  3. 3. My Clover and S(ystem)/L(ibrary)/E(xtensions)
  4. 4. Work
  5. 5. Not work
  6. 6. Reference: